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So you want to make money online?

Making money online sounds interesting and profitable for people who like going around the net. Most people go online to surf for information, to find friends, to check email and so on. As you may be aware, billions of people are going around the internet every day. They love to be online. This means that millions and millions of dollars are flowing across the internet everyday. Is it a great idea if you can grab a lot of money from those online folks? Do you know that you can make money from those people either you have your own product or you don’t have it. So what are the best ways to make money online?

I tell you the truth there are thousands of people who make their comfortable living relying on the internet. Those people are grabbing a lot of money like crazy from the net using their proven tactics that help them make a lot of money on the net. So to make money from the internet, you have to learn ways and techniques that hit the home to run.

Through this article, I am going to uncover some free easy ways to make money online. But to make sure you go on the right tract, I would like to clarify something to avoid confusion.

There are two ways that people use to make money on the internet.

1. Make money online with a website or a blog

2. Make money online without a website or a blog

Well, the two ways are not very different from one another, but people are so worry about building a website while some of them make profit online without worrying about any HTML code or site designs. Anyway, there are a lot of ways to make money with the two tracks. I quest you will interest in making money online without a website or a blog. Right?

Of cause, you can make money without building a website or a blog as there are many people who make a lot of money without thinking about blogging. Even there are many ways to find profit without a blog, I still urge you to build one. Why I have to say this? Stay tune and you will find it!

If you don’t have enough budget for starting a blog you should at least have the free one like Blogspot, Hubpage, Squidoo lens and etc. Until you have your own blog, you will understand how easy to make money with your blog as there are many offers on the net waiting to pay you the money and those require you to have a blog to promote. Yes, blogging is very important for online business but I don’t warn you if you would not like to have one. You can still make some money if you’ve got any special cool systems or techniques.

Now, having a blog is a great idea to earn money, but how do I build and maintain my blog if I don’t have knowledge about blog like site management, HTML code, site designs and even more? What do I blog about? What about the marketing? How can I drive traffic to my site if I am at zero point of it? What do I sell on my blog if I don’t have my own product? And more question..

Absolutely difficult…! It’s very hard work for me! You say it, right?

I hear you cry!!!

If we talk about building a website or starting a blog, it is very hard work and complicated for you to come by. But if we talk about having your own profile online sounds simple and interesting. Right?

Make it simple first. I say, create a very simple blog first! Just like you’ve done with your FaceBook or MySpace profile. You also have to blog about something. Here, you need to publish some posts on you new blog. Don’t worry when I say that, you only post something that you think you are best at it. You can do a little bit surf on the net to get more ideas. If you are good at guitar, make a blog post about guitar lessons, guitar chords, tips and even your favorite guitar song lyrics and chords. If you are good at teaching any languages to students, you should blog about any teaching techniques or some tips that help people improve their languages. Now get close to me with your ear and feel my whisper, you can also blog on your Myspace profile and any appropriate forums! And do you like Blogspot? I should tell you about this before, you can make money from your Blogspot account as well. Many people use Blogspot to make money and drive traffic to their websites, but you have to create it firstly and anything else will come after. However, having a free blog is not a great idea for professional online businesses due to the terms and conditions of those free services. Anyway, if you curious about blogging and want to build it, you have to go through the next steps that I’ll cover.

Let’s go deeper into how to start a blog that makes you money!

Start Blogging

I want to make this simple for you to come by. Make it simple first. Sorry I have to say this again. In today internet business, people like going through short-cuts as it’s easy and not waste of the time. So you ask, is there any short-cuts for starting a blog? I won’t answer there is a short-cut for this, but I’ll try to explain you the best ways and tips to cross the gate easily and to gain you time.

First just place your scares about website designs and HTML, CSS, PHP codes for a while then start thinking about new things. The new things are mentioned in the list!

1. What to blog about

2. How to create blog posts

3. How to find traffic

4. What to sell on blog to make money

5. How much does it cost to have a blog?

More about this later!

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