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What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to gain benefits online for both the affiliate and the merchant. It’s an exciting and profitable internet marketing idea if applying through the right ways. For newbies who wish to get benefits from this great opportunity, there should be a clear understanding about the definition of affiliate marketing and how it works.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Basically, affiliate marketing is a technique of advertising business through affiliate program. The real affiliate marketing definition is the advertising that pays the affiliate (promoter) a type of commission based on the amount of visitors or amount of percentages per product the site or affiliate brings the merchant company. For merchants, affiliate marketing is a great method to boost the selling and to earn great revenue online while this is also considered as a popular technique for people (affiliates) who wish to make money online without creating their own products, taking care of customer service or selling process.

Affiliate marketing is also considered as a kind of revenue sharing or commission based advertising. The term “affiliate marketing” is related to network marketing.

This sort of advertising is the most cost effective type of marketing and is actually extraordinary efficient. For this reason, many companies owe an incredible amount to affiliate marketing like and, etc. It has now become normal that many internet companies and marketers include affiliate marketing to their marketing plans.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The face is that, the affiliate acts as a commission salesperson who brings buyers to sellers. The affiliate gets paid when a person buys a product he/she refers to. If a visitor buys a 100$ product and that has 70% commission, the affiliate will be paid 70$. Normally, the affiliate doesn’t need to take any online orders or to meet buyers face to face. All the things that affiliate has to do is to introduce interested people to the products or websites that he/she is promoting, and it all happens online.

There are also many affiliate programs pay based on the amount of visitors or the page views. The campaigns that are popular these days include Pay Per Click (PPC or CPC), Pay Per View (PPV or CPV), Pay Per Impression (PPI or CPI), Cost Per Action (CPA or PPA), etc.

Online marketing is a powerful way to advertise the business through any programs and campaigns. There are some important factors that help people run businesses and campaigns successfully on the internet. Those factors are not the secrets which are hidden from the average online marketers, but they are often overlooked and misunderstood. What are those factors? Find out more in our blog.

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