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The Advantages of Article Marketing Promotion

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It's known that content is king. Yes, it's true. Providing value ideas through articles is a best way to drive targeted traffic and to gain reputation to your blog or website. That's the reason why article writing promotion is one of the most popular methods in traffic generation as well as internet marketing that both the webmaster and internet guru use today.

Of course, when people type any keywords or keyword phrases in the search boxes of any search engines, they will be given lists of contents relate to those keywords. The accessible websites contain priceless articles with those keywords will be given ranks on the search engine result pages. That's what brings targeted traffic to the site with the right keyword articles. The big magical word is “article”.

These are the advantages that article writing can help your internet business work successfully.

Automatically Get Back-links

Submitting articles to reliable article directories, other blogs/websites will surely use your articles too. This will bring you more traffic through your website's URLs. Every one wants value back-links from famous websites as the bad back-links will throw your site away from the first pages of search engine results. This means that your site will never get high rank. Value back-links is very crucial for your online business reputation to the folks especially to the search engines. Be sure you provide useful and valuable information to your readers as it's notified that you are the expert in that field. However the great recourse box is also vital to attract readers to take action and follow your recommendation.

Increase You Site’s Reputation And Conversion Rate

Your website reputation is the most important part of your internet business. As an internet marketer or webmaster, if you just promote your products on your own website. You will not get high conversion rate. That means your traffic won't effectively convert into sales. The more articles you publish on the web, the more reputation and conversion rate you gain. It’s the fact that people will trust in you if you are a real content writer.

Your Website Will Be Immediately Noticed

Submitting your article to the reputable article directories will bring you great traffic and your website will be immediately scrawled by search engines. It's very important to include your resource box at the end of your article, but make sure your resource box catches the reader's attention, so they will click the recommended link.

It Is Free

Writing articles doesn't cost you a dime. Things you need are a computer, your brain, your hands and the time. Well you also need to do a little bit surf on targeted forums or you can join PLR membership sites to get the information, ideas and related contents. The information you need is the ideas that come with bullet points as you will convert them into the complete article for your purpose. It's easy and it's too good to be true! Right? But there are some techniques you have to go through with the contents from forums or PLR membership sites or you will lose your credit with duplicated contents and the search engine won’t scrawl your site.

You can also write your own unique articles without copying from any forums or PLR products, but make sure you know the best way to create such articles as grammar error, writing style and so on or you won’t be succeed. One more thing is you have to select the right keywords using Google keyword tool or other suitable tools. There is a bit science to go through keyword research and selection process. Make sure you are on the right track.

Article marketing is a cheap and effective method that brings in traffic and incoming links to you website. It works! If done right. Article marketing will help you build a great online reputation and traffic from search engines, social networks and other sources. With those benefits listed above, a writer's block is the last trouble you will be able to get over.

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  1. Janny on July 18, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    Great article! I've just learnt that article marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic and gain a lof of benefits to my sites!
    Thanks for your good job!

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